We understand that in today’s business, needs are dynamic and unique to each organization. That is why IQ Resource Group works closely with our clients to develop customized services to meet your requirements, regardless of the size of your organization. We’re not just matching skill-sets, we’re matching people.

Finding an appropriately skilled match for an industry specific position is important. However, finding the right technical candidate who also fits company culture is the most important ingredient to any successful placement.

IQ Resource Group has extensive experience in providing quality solutions to our business partners. Best of all, our proven process has successfully placed permanent and contract resources in a variety of positions in light technical, skilled trades, paper production, printed media and food production environments.

Getting started with IQ Resource Group

Looking to start a staffing partnership to assist with your staffing needs?  Give us a call and find out what IQ Resource Group can do for you!  Matthew Grover, Account Executive for IQ Resource Group, will work with you to understand your needs and help you to determine if our services are the right fit for your organization.  If your business is located in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, give us a call today!  You can reach our sales team directly at (920) 858-4151 or by email at

Our Process

Our process begins and ends with YOU.  Each customer we work with is treated as unique.  No two companies have the exact same product, same culture, or the same processes.  It is by this understanding that our process must be suggested to match your needs and expectations.  We start by obtaining a firm understanding of your requirements and becoming familiar with your business needs.  We do this by learning about your company, your organizational structure and staffing challenges.  Once we have a thorough understanding of YOU, we can establish a process to fulfill your needs.

When candidates are identified, we complete screening processes that include one-on-one interviews, skills assessments, and federal government employability checks.  Due to our proactive screening process, we are able to qualify individuals and place them on a waiting list for potential positions.  This allows us to submit candidates to our customer quicker and more efficient than our competitors. The goal of our account team is to exceed your expectations, not just meet them.

Our Services:

We offer a variety of solution options for our clients because every hiring situation is different.

+ Direct Hire Placements

Permanent placement services provide assistance in finding employees to join your organization. We will use our extensive recruiting network to find the right professional for your position. Rates vary for this service, depending upon the complexity of the required skills and certifications for the opportunity.

+ Contract-to-Hire Placements

Try before you hire” is an excellent way to determine if a candidate is both a functional and a cultural fit for your organization before making a permanent hiring decision. It also reduces and/or eliminates costs involved with Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment expenses. Affordable time requirements on our payroll make this a great option.

+ Flexible Staffing

Many of our customers realize differences in daily and/or weekly schedules depending upon customer orders, seasonality, and many other factors.  We have many customers who fall into this category which allows us to have a contingent flow of people who we can make available on a daily basis.  We also have competencies in handling the daily changes on a per-line and per-shift basis.

+ On-Site Management

Depending upon the level of staffing required at various times of the year, we provide the necessary amount of on-site support.  Whether it be as simple as checking in certain volumes of people on their first day of an assignment to full –time, on-site support of your operations, or anything in between, we provide the necessary attention needed to reduce downtime and onboard new staff members in an organized fashion.

+ Recruiting Support Services

We also many other support services:

Payroll Services

  • We can provide a degree of payroll processing.

Drug Testing Services

  • We can perform pre-employment or random drug testing.

Resume Sourcing

  • We can probe through our vast database to provide leads on employees for your organization.

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IQ has always been proactive about understanding how our business operates, constantly inquiring and anticipating our needs so that they are ready and able to fill our positions. Not only have they done an excellent job getting to know the wants and needs of my department, but they have also done a great job in getting to know the supervisors and team leaders in our organization.

Human Resources Administrator