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We have years of experience delivering custom solutions for a wide variety of employer needs across the state. Our candidates offer skill sets to match your needs and with our tailored job matching system, you’re sure to get qualified employees enthusiastic about coming to work every day.

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Staffing services

Services as unique as your business.

  • Direct Hire Placements

    Permanent placement services provide assistance in finding employees to join your organization. We will use our extensive recruiting network to find the right professional for your position. Rates vary for this service, depending upon the complexity of the required skills and certifications for the opportunity.

  • On-Site Management

    Depending upon the level of staffing required at various times of the year, we provide the necessary amount of on-site support.  Whether it be as simple as checking in certain volumes of people on their first day of an assignment to full–time, on-site support of your operations, or anything in between, we provide the necessary attention needed to reduce downtime and onboard new staff members in an organized fashion.

  • Contract-to-Hire Placements

    “Try before you hire” is an excellent way to determine if a candidate is both a functional and a cultural fit for your organization before making a permanent hiring decision. It also reduces and/or eliminates costs involved with Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment expenses. Affordable time requirements on our payroll make this a great option.

  • Recruiting Support Services

    We also offer many other support services:

    • Payroll Services: We can provide a degree of payroll processing.
    • Drug Testing Services: We can perform pre-employment or random drug testing.
    • Resume Sourcing: We can probe through our vast database to provide leads on employees for your organization.
  • Flexible Staffing

    Many of our customers realize differences in daily and/or weekly schedules depending upon customer orders, seasonality, and many other factors.  We have many customers who fall into this category which allows us to have a contingent flow of people who we can make available on a daily basis.  We also have competencies in handling the daily changes on a per-line and per-shift basis.

Our Process

How we do it.


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You found us! As your staffing solutions one-stop-shop, we’re ready to help meet any staffing need. Our candidates are both flexible and ready to work. Simply fill out our Request Talent Form so we can learn what you need.


Meet With Us

Our team is full of expert listeners. We understand that staffing is not a one-size-fits-all problem to be solved with one solution. We take the time to understand your business and your staffing needs, and then work with you to create a staffing plan to solve any staffing problems you have.


Staffing Solved

Consider your staffing problem solved. But we won’t stop there. We continue to work with you beyond staffing placement to ensure a smooth transition and continued solution support.

Why Choose Us

Filling jobs, surpassing expectations.

Having a full work force shouldn’t be a constant battle for your business. That’s where we come in. We’ve successfully placed permanent and contract employees in a variety of positions in light technical, skilled trades, paper production, printed media, and food production. Where can we help you next? Fill out our form to get started.

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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an initial fee to get started with IQ Resource Group?

    No. Our temporary and contract-to-hire options are billed by the number of hours our employee has worked at your office or facility. Direct hire placements are not billed unless you decide the candidate we present to you is acceptable to be hired on full-time.

  • What is your selection process?

    Our selection process is a combination of phone screening, interviewing to identify skills, cultural fit, “the safety consciousness of the candidate”, and a behavioral interview to identify where the person would be the best “fit”, and an in-depth IQ Resource Group orientation.

  • How quickly can you fill a position?

    “As fast as lightning!” Quite honestly, it depends on the skills and experience required. We pride ourselves on having a robust inventory of screened employees who are ready to go to work. If your specific needs require a more specialized or rare skill set, we will give you a reasonable expectation for how long a search may take.

    Our solemn promise, we will never “ghost” you during the recruitment period.  We will keep you up-to-date every step of the way with our efforts.

  • How will I be billed?

    Invoices will be issued weekly electronically or via USPS mail and can also be paid electronically.

  • Do you offer health insurance?

    Yes. IQ Resource Group offers a comprehensive medical plan that meets the Affordable Care Act coverage requirements.

  • Who does the employee work for?

    It depends. IQ Resource Group fills temporary, contract-to-hire and direct hire positions. For temporary and temp-to-hire assignments, associates are employed by IQ Resource Group.

  • What happens if I am not happy with the employee you have assigned; am I obligated to hire them?

    Contact your local office. Our focus is finding the right fit for you.

  • What if I am happy with an employee and want to hire them prior to the end of the contracted period?

    We have an easy conversion process for any client who wants to hire an employee before the agreed upon hours have been completed. This includes a pre-negotiated fee, so that you understand how much of an investment may be involved in hiring someone early.

  • How do you administer employee direction or coaching, if needed?

    Our process involves regular interactions with both our clients and placed employees to identify what is going well and where improvement may be needed. This includes a 360-degree feedback loop, by which we immediately contact employees after receiving feedback from their supervisor.

  • Are your associates able to participate in our internal training programs and/or events, i.e., safety training, company picnic, company incentive programs?

    Absolutely. Temporary employees who feel like members of the client’s internal team will be more connected, productive, and likely to stay with the company. While they are technically an IQ Resource Group employee, feeling like an important member of your team is invaluable.

  • What are your timekeeping options?

    Our customized time keeping system allows employees to key in their time on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once they submit their time, an approval email is sent to the client, who either approves or rejects the time. Once time is approved, it is sent to your local IQ Resource Group office for processing.

    • Physical timeclock onsite
    • Traditional paper timecards are available upon request.

    You may also utilize your own timekeeping system.

  • What is your sick pay policy?

    IQ Resource Group complies with all jurisdictions where Paid Sick Leave is mandated by law. If an employee is out long enough to trigger a leave of absence, such as the Family Medical Leave Act, we follow the documentation procedures set forth by law.

  • Do you perform background/drug screening?

    IQ Resource Group complies with all federal and state laws and the 2012 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Enforcement Guidance regarding criminal background checks. We do not charge for utilizing Wisconsin Circuit Court Access to conduct criminal background checks. Additional services are available for an additional fee. 

    We offer customized drug screening up to a 10-panel drug screen. Additional options are available.

  • Who do I contact in case of emergency?

    You will receive this information when you establish your account with us.

Success stories

Hear from people just like you.

IQ Resource Group was very thorough in getting to know our business, hiring needs, and hiring expectations. Their upfront investment made a huge impact on our staffing situation and they consistently provided quality job seekers for our production floor.

Sarah, Operations Manager

We have partnered with IQ Resource Group for several years. They have always been responsive, professional, and go above and beyond for their clients. Even when our business needs change on short notice, the staff at IQ are willing to do anything to help us ensure our production lines keep running!

Amy, HR Director

IQ Resource Group has been providing temporary labor to our company for 5 years. They continue to find us the skilled & qualified help we need, as we need it. They care about their employees and want to make sure they’re a good fit for our company. Their customer service is outstanding! I have used other agencies for temporary labor, but those agencies have not been able to meet the high standards IQ has set.

Linda, Crewing Coordinator

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Our local account executives will work with you to understand your needs and help you to determine if our services are the right fit for your organization.

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