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Matching candidates to jobs that will help them excel and flourish is our passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Is there a cost for IQ Resource Group’s services to job seekers?

    As a candidate or employee, you will NOT pay for any of the services IQ Resource Group provides.

  • Do you consider people who have little, to no experience?

    Yes! Many of our customers are willing to train. We prefer good attitudes over experience!

  • Should I consider Contract-to-Hire if I am currently employed?

    ABSOLUTELY! Many employed candidates feel that Contract-to-Hire is not an option because they are currently employed. However, many employers prefer this hiring method, and you will want to leave all of your options open! Compare Contract-to-Hire to the Direct Hire method. What if you accepted a Direct Hire position and it did not work out? It should be compared in a similar manner.

  • Do I receive overtime pay working temporary or contract positions?

    ABSOLUTELY! Anytime an employee works more than 40 hours per week for one of our client companies they will be paid overtime at a pay rate of time and a half.

  • How long do the assignments last?

    The length of a temporary assignment is completely dependent on the employer and the job at hand. Typically, temporary positions last one to three months, before the job is completed or the employer chooses to bring the employee on full-time. Once a temporary position is completed, employers may choose to hire an employee full-time. The employee would then become an employee of the company, as opposed to an employee of the staffing agency.

  • How and when am I paid?

    Contract employees are paid weekly by IQ Resource Group. We offer direct deposit, pay cards, or a paper check.

  • Do you hire independent contractors?

    IQ Resource Group hires its employees on a W-2 basis. IQ withholds taxes from our contractors and earnings are reported to the IRS each year. IQ employees must complete a W-4 form at the beginning of their employment. IQ generally does not hire contractors on a 1099 basis.

  • Does IQ Resource Group have a minimum age requirement to work?

    All applicants must be at least 18 years of age in order to be considered for employment.

  • Can I speak to someone at IQ Resource Group?

    Yes.  Contact us to get in touch with a recruiter in an office near you.

  • Are all your jobs temporary?

    We help companies hire for many different types of jobs not just temporary. We also have contract-to-hire positions (an assignment that’s initially temporary but is used to help an employer determine the temp worker’s long-term fit with the company) and direct hire positions (a permanent position in which the staffing agency acts as a recruiter). 

  • Can’t I find the same positions on my own?

    Working with a staffing agency is not the same as looking for jobs on your own. About 80-85 percent of jobs are never listed and connecting with these jobs requires more than searching online job boards. Instead, a staffing agency can provide access to positions that are currently open but unlisted – Which means that your perfect job may already exist and all you need is the right advocate to help you find it.

  • What if I am not happy with my assignment?

    Contact your local office or fill out the assignment feedback form.

  • How long does the process take from candidate contact through to hire?

    Apply today, start today or tomorrow.

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IQ is extremely helpful and my recruiter was very nice and helped me get a job fast and something close to home. Everyone was so nice and willing to help. Even after hours my questions were answered in a timely manner. I would recommend IQ to anyone.

Robin S.

Apply today, start tomorrow is the truth. IQ will get you work. The team over there is awesome! Will always recommend.


IQ was so helpful and very kind. IQ was able to help get a family member working the next day! The follow up after their first day meant a lot, it really shows they care for their employees.

Amy S.

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